Our Favorite Social Media Dads

June 25, 2019


On the third Sunday of June every year, daughters and sons all around the world gather online to express love and appreciation for their dads. The internet turns into an outpour of all kinds of Father’s Day messages—greetings of thanks, reasons why “my dad is the best,” and “then and now” photos put side by side.


Along with this “online event” comes the feeling of warmth and nostalgia—we can’t help but reminisce the days when we were simply just “daddy’s little girl,” curling up in dad’s arms without worry. But thanks to the era of social media, we are somewhat able to relive our childhood by witnessing some others live theirs. 


Here are three of our favorite social media dads who never fail to make us feel that nostalgia whenever we open our phones. Thanks to these dads, we have a lot to look forward to—be it silly antics, daddy and daughter dates, funny yet innocent conversations, and just ultimate cuteness.



Doug Kramer



Professional basketball player, husband, and father Doug Kramer started out fairly early in the social media game with his wife, actress Cheska Garcia. Together, they have three children, also nicknamed as #KendraSuperstar, #ScarlettDoll, and #Gavincredible. Their family, popularly known as Team Kramer, captured the hearts of many with their heartwarming photos and videos online—initially just to document special family moments such as their wedding, the birth of their first child Kendra, and family trips. By documenting family bonding moments at home, daddy and daughter dates, funny bits of Kendra begging to drink wine and Scarlett demanding for some ice cream, Doug has surely made us viewers feel like we’re part of the Kramer kids’ journey growing up.







GP Reyes



What’s the social media game like without one of our favorite dads, dad to the gorgeous Olivia and Amelia? Businessman and husband to VJ Andi Manzano Reyes, GP Reyes, has definitely caught the attention of many. If you’ve heard of the hashtags #ConvoswithOlivia and recently, #ConvoswithAmelia, then it’s most likely him that you’ve come across! GP is known for his imaginative yet hilarious conversations with his daughters, which eventually turn into actual conversations we adore even more. We can’t help but look forward to our next favorite bit with the girls—whether they’re conversations based on his daughters’ funny looks, Amelia's "pork buns," or him being reprimanded by Olivia for finishing her #bombaballs. 














Patrick Garcia



Of course, let’s not forget actor Patrick Garcia, dad of three princesses: Michelle, Patrice, and Pia. Like many social media families, he and his wife Nikka have recently started their own YouTube channel where they post family vlogs of life at home, travels, and fun challenges with the kids. Although Patrick and his family remain a little more low-key compared to some, we still definitely love to visit their pages and look forward to what’s to come next!










Today's social media era allows us all to witness various ways of daddy and daughter bonding moments—whether at home, at the mall, or at their favorite travel spots. Wherever they may be, they do not fail to make us feel that tug on our heartstrings as we remember our childhood, wrapped in all the good times we’ve had with our dads (and everyone else in our lives!) growing up. This time, these dads have social media to thank for allowing them to preserve their fondest memories and to make them accessible wherever they are. Hopefully one day, these little ones will be able to look back at the same moments that made us laugh and smile, and see just how good they were too.



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